Spring Cleaning

Every Home/property needs a thorough cleaning now and again, besides having a regular domestic maid. Ezika-Nzima will send you a Team to come clean and touch every corner of your property so that you can enjoy a breath of fresh air.

A beautiful garden does more than add value to your home or business premises. Your customers, visitors and guests will instantly feel welcomed.


Carpet, Mattress & Sofa Cleaning

A clean home doesn’t just look clean. In order to get your sofa and chairs clean, vacuuming alone isn’t enough. So, don’t let your dirty carpet & mattress give you a headache, we have the solution for all your carpet & upholstery cleaning needs. Ezika-Nzima has trained staff that comes with machinery & equipment to give you furniture a deep-down cleaning and we ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the cleaning service and the results we produce.

Ezika-Nzima will get you:

A deeper clean, faster-drying carpet and healthier home. Our service includes all household furniture and office furniture. We will either clean on site or take the items to our facility to be cleaned.


Roof & Driveways

Roofs that have been neglected begin to show cracks and seeping. This exposes your home interior to the elements as well as poses future safety issues.

Ezika-Nzima will assist you:

We specialize in clinical application on cladded roof, walls & floor areas, hotels, restaurants maintenance, shopping centres, petrol stations, parking lot and entrances

We use specialized cleaning machinery to remove the build up of dirt or old insulation products from your roof.

High pressure Roof cleaning is among the most popular and best ways of clearing roofs.

Our focus is to provide you with the highest quality service at a competitive price and your roof will look brand new again.

Having a clean, well-maintained roof can save you money in the long run and improves the value of your house.