Business Policies

Terms and Conditions


  1. No Cash/ cheques is acceptable in our premises- Means of payments are electronic transfer or bank deposits that will be accepted, please ensure that you capture your initials and Surname as your reference. Once payment is done forward us proof via fax or email. Payments without references will not be Ezika-Nzima`s responsibility to trace them especially if you do not have proof. No monies to be payed to an employee, service is payed for through the company.
  2. Payments- Customers to ensure that service is paid for in full and in advance for all days that service will be required. As for our regular/permanent customers all payments are due by the 3rd of each month and invoice for the new month is issued. To avoid suspension of service also ensure that invoices are all paid for by the 3rd of each month. A once off registration fee of R50 is payable to all our new customers but it is waived if customer orders service for 3days or more and pays in advance.
  3. Due payments- in an event that a debt/ placement fee is not paid timeously, the customer will be liable for interest of 5% per month from the invoice date, as well as all tracing and or legal costs incurred by Ezika-Nzima Services.
  4. Bookings/cancelations- Should you wish to hire the same employee, please make arrangement with Ezika-Nzima and not with the employee since s/he might be assigned to another customer/job. Customer will be charged a fee of half the daily tariff if an order is cancelled after 2pm on the day prior to the employee being assigned.  If a signed /confirmed agreement is cancelled after booking with Ezika-Nzima services for whatever reason the client is liable for a R500 cancellation fee.
  5. Working hours- Monday to Friday 8h00 – 16h00, Saturday 8h00 to 15h00 with a 30 min lunch break. Sunday and public holidays (an additional fee is charged to customers for these special days) 8h00 to 15h00 with 30 min lunch break. Special condition working hours apply to other services, Caregiver, Nanny/Babysitter, Improve your child`s Grades.
  6. Spring cleaning- No guarantee is given that the entire area will be finished after 1session, depending on size and time spent on all job & movable items. No guarantee is given that all stains and spots can be removed, depending on age and severity. Ezika-Nzima provide their own equipment’s for spring cleaning, but should you prefer we use your own equipment’s you more than welcome.
  7. Permanent placement- The company does offer permanent placement at a once off fee of R5000 inclusive is a non-refundable deposit of R1000, please do not offer our staff permanent employment. If you are a regular client with an existing contract and have a regular cleaner and you wish to take a specific employee as your permanent staff do make a request with the company at a fee of R2500. Customers are urged not to abuse this condition, In a case where a customer existing/previous customer purposefully conceal the fact that Ezika-Nzima staff member has been privately employed by that customer on a fulltime or casual basis whether that employee has resigned, absconded, dismissed or hired by a competitor within a 3months period since that employee worked for Ezika-Nzima Services, The company will charge a full placement fee of R5000.This practice is Unethical and constitute breach of contract or agreement which might lead to legal steps takin against you. Ezika-Nzima Services has a right to investigate should it suspect any unethical behaviour.
  8. Nanny/Baby Sitter/after care -Minimum booking hours for all 3 services are 3hrs should you need a baby sitter for less than 3hrs you will still be required to pay a full price. Baby sitter or a Nannies main job is to look after a child cleaning will be an addition when a baby is asleep depending on the age and the routine agreed on between our employee and a client. Should you need cleaning services please do contact the company for those services.
  9. Caregiver- The care givers job is to look after ill, disable, young or adult they are not cleaners or doctors. Please provide them information of what is expected of them, the routine that should be followed. The customer provides all the necessary equipment’s/material that may be needed for the person that is being looked after. For example, should a patient become critical while the care giver is there a customer must provide some means for our staff to be able to call an ambulance or arrange for a patient to get help.
  10. Assist your child with extra classes- Parents accept personal liability for compliance with South Africa`s Child Care and Protection Policy. Parents undertakes to maintain appropriate insurance for their safety of their children. Should a Parent/customer feel that there has been negligence which lead to a loss, damage, death, injury, abuse of a child. A customer being a victim may lay a charge against an employee with SAPS. We use the material provided by your child/Parent to assist your scholar/student. Should our assistance facilitator believe that there is a need for additional material it is a parents/guardianship (whoever requested the service) responsibility to make sure they get the material.
  11. Indemnity- Our staff are screened & trained to provide a professional standard of work and responsibility; however, we accept no liability for damages or losses. Ezika-Nzima Services will supply necessary info if theft is suspected. The customer must report all incidents with Ezika-Nzima Services in the case of theft, a customer being a victim must lay charges with SAPS. The customer also indemnifies Ezika-Nzima Services against any claim which might arise. Ezika-Nzima does not accept any liability for any act or omission or delict which might result in loss of, or damage to, your property.
  12. Surety- Should a customer be a Small, medium business, sole trader, close corporation hereby binds him/herself in his/her personal capacity as a surety for Co-Principal debtor in solidum with the customer of all his or her/its obligations under this agreement.

Ezika-Nzima comply with the KYC policy we need to know people we are doing Business with. For individual person we require ID Book/Card with Proof of residence. For Self employed we need company registration documents.