Corporate Cleaning

Ezika-Nzima offers corporate cleaning to all business environments. Our company covers every aspect of corporate cleaning from:

  • office buildings,
  • machinery,
  • chemicals,
  • waste,
  • hazardous waste clean up,
  • deep cleaning,
  • construction clean-up, after building renovations are done.

We know how to clean and make your property safe and comfortable.

Corporate cleaning service includes places like shopping centres, banks, hospitals, retail stores, supermarkets, schools, warehouses etc.  At a business you simply cannot operate without ensuring that offices, retail space or other space of operation is thoroughly clean & hygienic.

Pre Or Post Event & Function Cleaning

We all know the headache we get when trying to get the house/venue in order before hosting a function or event. You could be having a Party, Anniversary, Unveiling, Wedding, Funeral, traditional ceremony or just having dinner with friends and family.

Let us quote for you, Ezika-Nzima is here to take stress off your shoulder so that you can concentrate on planning & organising. As for caterers let us clean after you when you are busy preparing those delicious meals.