As parents we work longer hours and by the time, we get home we are tired and have little or no time with our children. School is very important in every parent of a child`s life. As parents we always want our children to have good grades, with our busy working lives we tend to neglect the attention that we need to give our children daily with their school work. Ezika-Nzima Services will close that gap and make sure that your child does their daily homework and improve their grades.



Generally caring for children, ensuring always as the first consideration, waking, washing, bathing and dressing children. We care for babies from birth and all ages.

Ezika-Nzima only consider skilled, experienced staff that has passion for babies, for this service to make sure we provide you and your family with safe secured environment. Than we look at domestic skills we believe that a baby should be raised at a clean healthy environment.



Let us take care of your loved ones in time of need, you might at work, running errands, or need to pay attention to you kids/husband and wife. But you have someone who is sick may be a Chronic illness, or disease, who need assistance when taking medication, bathing or dressing, that person may be frail or disable.

Our company will make sure your loved ones are well taken care of with:
  • Feeding
  • Companion
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cooking & food preparation