Our cleaning lady will provide you with regular house cleaning such as sweeping, mopping, vacuum, laundry, washing dishes, making beds, polishing etc. Our ladies are taught and know how to take care of themselves and their surroundings regardless of where they are, their skills include health and hygiene.

Our clients are welcome to specify their exact requirements when it comes to their domestic cleaning service. Our highly skilled staff will ensure spotless & sparkling property or home. Take the stress out of your week and BOOK our affordable domestic cleaning service no matter how big or small your cleaning needs.



Roofs which are neglected frequently begin to show cracks and seeping. This won’t be an excellent situation for you personally and everything that in your house. The thing is your Roof is exposed to nature, uncovered to all things in the atmosphere like dust, extreme weather, bird and other animal droppings make it highly unhygienic and it can be cruel. This won’t be an excellent situation for you personally and everything that is in your house. No matter how clean your floors are if your roof is not clean than you are exposed to dust and related allergies.

Ezika-Nzima will assist you:
  • We specialise in clinical application on cladded roof, walls & floor areas, hotels, restaurants maintenance, shopping centres, petrol stations, parking lot and entrances
  • We come with our machineries to remove the build up of dirt of old insulation products from your Roof
  • High pressure Roof cleaning is among the most popular and best ways of clearing Roofs. WE are professional roof cleaning company to set this done for you.
  • Our focus is to provide you with the highest quality service at a competitive price and your Roof will look brand new again.
  • Having a clean well-maintained Roof can save you money in the long run and it improves the value of your house.

Let us clean up and maintain your most valuable assets at an affordable price. Highlighting the issue is not the point here, providing the solution is. Furthermore, all you need to do is lay back and let us do our job. The biggest investment you will ever make is your Property.




We all know the headache we get trying to get the house/venue in order before hosting. You could be having a Party, Anniversary, Unveiling, Wedding, Funeral, traditional ceremony or just having dinner with friends and family.

Let us quote for you, Ezika-Nzima will come just in time to make sure your guest & relatives comes in a sprinkling and bright place. Even after they have left, we always come in and put everything back in place for you.

We are simply there to take stress off your shoulder so that you can concentrate on planning & organising. As for caterers let us clean after you when you are busy preparing those delicious meals.


A clean home doesn’t just look clean. In order to get your sofa and chairs clean, vacuuming alone isn’t enough. So, don’t let your dirty carpet & mattress give you headache, we have a best solution for all your carpet & upholstery cleaning needs. Ezika-Nzima has trained staff that comes with machinery & equipment’s to give you furnishing a thorough, deep-down cleaning and we ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the cleaning service we offer and the results we produce.

Ezika-Nzima will get you:
  • Deeper clean, faster-drying carpet and healthier home, our service includes all household furniture and office furniture.
  • WE either clean on site or take the rugs away and return once they are cleaned, either way, we guarantee quality cleaning.
  • Our carpet cleaning service has an option of day to day maintenance or a simple once off cleaning service solution.
  • Our severe control standards will ensure that our customers, receive complete and unconditional satisfaction.
  • Our experienced team can do the hard work at a competitive carpet cleaning rate.
  • We rest assure you can depend on us to do a great job that satisfies your cleaning needs for both your carpet and upholstery.

Bring back that clean fresh look at your Carpet and rugs. You will feel like we`ve installed a new carpet once we`re done.

You will not believe the results after cleaning!!



Ezika-Nzima offers corporate cleaning to all business environment professional or nonprofessional. Our company cover every aspect of corporate cleaning from office building, machinery, chemicals, waste, hazardous clean up, heavy cleaning, construction clean-up, after building renovations are done. Because we know how to clean and make your property safe and comfortable.

Corporate cleaning service includes shopping centres, banks, hospitals, retail stores, supermarkets, schools, warehouses etc.  At a business you simply can not operate without ensuring that offices, retail space or other space of operation is thoroughly clean & hygienic.



Every Home/property need a thoroughly cleaning now and again, besides having a lady/ regular domestic maid. Ezika-Nzima will send you a Team to come clean, touch every Conner of your property so that you can enjoy a breath of fresh air.

A beautiful garden does more than add value to your home or business premises. Your customers, visitors, guests will instantly feel welcomed.

Gardening and Landscaping Services

A beautiful garden does more than add value to your home or business premises. Your customers, visitors, guests will instantly feel welcomed. Gardening Service involves:

  • Flower shrub and maintenance
  • Lawn moving, trimming
  • Weed control in lawn and pray
  • Hedge cutting
  • Garden refuge collection and removals
  • Fertilisation of flowerbeds and pots
  • Sweeping paved floors

Our service includes Planning, design fertilizing and irrigation. Landscaping service we design and implement it to make sure the art of landscape is kept clean, healthy, safe and attractive. We provide you with maintenance service.

Ezikanzima is dedicated in ensuring that your garden is hassle free, leaving nothing behind but beautiful. We believe that best result come with long term maintenance and care.

Our qualified designers will work with you to understand what you want your new/ existing garden to achieve and the look you require.